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Ways To Prevent Injuries While Exercising

While everyone should strive to get some exercise, ignorance is the cause of most injuries in the gym. Here are some ways to prevent injuries while exercising.

No More Nausea: Top Tips on How To Avoid Motion Sickness

Is it possible to prevent nausea while you’re traveling? Try these top tips on how to avoid motion sickness so that you can finally enjoy the journey.

Got Stress? Here’s How 2020 Is Wrecking Your Health

Has the stress of 2020 left you grinding your teeth? Or perhaps you’re suffering from headaches, jaw pain, or severe discomfort in and around your...

What To Ask Your Doctor After a Mastectomy

Your post-surgical appointment after a mastectomy is essential to ensure a safe recovery. Here we’ll discuss what to ask your doctor after a mastectomy.

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Weight Loss


Melanoma Can’t Wait – What Everyone Should Understand About This Deadly Cancer

While the summer months often serve as an important reminder on the dangers of sun exposure, many people may not realize that skin cancer...

Winter Skin Care 101

Tips for Proper Hand Sanitation In the Workplace

Are you wondering how to make your employees feel safe while at work? Read these tips for proper hand sanitation techniques in the workplace.

4 Healthy Lifestyle Changes to Make During Spring

Spring is a time of many changes—some that even go beyond the apparent temperature changes. From how we decorate our homes to the activities...

Understanding When a Headache Isn’t Just a Headache

It can be easy to dismiss head pain as a regular headache, but in fact there is no such thing. More than 300 types...

4 Ways COVID-19 Is Sparking Disruption In Healthcare According to Henry Camacho, Founder of JOY MD

The impact of COVID-19 is heart wrenching. There have been records of tens of thousands of deaths since the start of the pandemic, with...

Tips to Improve Your Sleep, Tonight

Did you awaken this morning ready to rise and shine?  Did you feel well-rested? Or, did you (or did you want to) hit the...

Healthy Recipes

Recipe: Chocolate Bundt Cake with Peppermint Glaze What are the benefits of baking from scratch? Mostly, it's fun, and your whole family can join in....
Add fruit to your breakfast with this take on French toast, which includes a mixture of berries, bananas and vanilla yogurt wrapped in tortillas...