European Baby Formula vs. American Formula: Which Is Better?

European Baby Formula vs. American Formula: Which Is Better?

Parents want to provide their children with healthy nutrition. Newborns need either breastmilk from their mother or formula to help them grow. The latter is a viable solution for families who don’t rely on breastmilk. Using formula allows mom and dad to bond with their little bundle of joy during each feeding.

What kind of formula is best for babies? Thanks to online shopping, many choices are available to families. We are looking at the differences between European baby formula versus American formula to discover which is better for your little one.

How Is American Baby Formula Made?

Baby formulas in the United States are mostly made from cow’s milk. Manufacturers transform cow’s milk to make it as close to our breastmilk as possible. This kind of formula provides plenty of nutrients to your little one that helps foster their growth. However, there are some instances where babies have an intolerance or allergy to the lactose found in formula made from cow’s milk.

Soy and lactose-free alternatives are available in the United States to help newborns who have trouble digesting traditional formula. The FDA regulates all these types to help ensure proper nutrition.

How Is European Baby Formula Made?

While the bulk of European formula also comes from cow’s milk, European manufacturers have the advantage of getting the milk from grass-fed livestock. This makes European products organic, and these products have less iron than formula found in the United States. There are plant-based alternatives available for babies who have trouble with cow’s milk. European formula also has the unique option of being made from goat’s milk.

There are several reasons to choose Holle goat milk formula for your little one. Most babies have no issues digesting this kind of milk, and it’s all-natural. Holle works exceptionally well for infants who are lactose intolerant. The European Commission approves Holle brands.

Which Is Better?

So which is better—European baby formula or American baby formula? Ultimately, the choice is yours.

We like the perks of the organic formula from Europe, as that’s currently not offered in the United States. However, we also realize how some parents may worry about the lower iron content of European brands. Certain factors give each formula type its merits.

When deciding on a formula brand to feed your little bundle of joy, determine what’s most important to you. Ask your pediatrician what your baby needs when in doubt.

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