Quick Health Tips for Work-From-Home Employees

Quick Health Tips for Work-From-Home Employees

Work-from-home life is more common now than ever before. Millions of people spend their days typing from their couch, desk, or home office instead of a corporate cubicle. Though the work-life balance drastically changed with this workspace transition, the “life” portion of the equation is still in flux. If you’ve spent the last several months or years working from home and want to know how to stay healthy, explore these quick health tips for work-from-home employees.

Look Up Every Once in a While

Working from home means you stare at a computer screen for endless hours of the day. And if you’ve experienced the same isolation and emotional turmoil as everyone else during COVID-19, you’re likely turning on the TV right after you close your laptop. Mental health concerns aside, you must remember to protect your eyes.

In each eye, you have a lens that accommodates the light based on closeness and brightness. When your eyes remain fixed to a back-lit computer screen for 8-10 hours a day, your intraocular musculature will begin to strain. Reduce this strain by adhering to the 20/20/20 rule, which recommends looking at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. Even if you’re on a roll, it’s important to look away from the screen and allow your eyes to refresh.

Prioritize a Healthy Diet

When going into the office, you likely pack your lunch or snacks to make it through the day. However, working from home leaves you with unlimited access to your pantry and fridge. If you feel the inspiration to bake a batch of brownies or heat leftovers during your breaks, you have those options at your disposal. This would be impossible if you were at the office, but now, your meals are more fluid and open to interpretation.

Instead of leaving your diet up to chance, a great health tip for work-from-home employees is to plan out your meals. The more you can keep yourself accountable for the snacks, meals, and treats you eat each day, the better your overall mental state will be during working hours. Spikes in blood sugar or overfullness from hefty lunches leave workers in mindsets of diminished productivity. Avoid this mental haze and promote physical well-being with a thoughtful diet.

Work on Posture

Sitting all day already strains your spine and neck. However, doing so from various places around the home exacerbates the otherwise slow-going deterioration. When you crane your neck or slouch your back for hours on end during the workday, a behavioral pattern emerges that changes your physical well-being. Work on your posture and alleviate painful pressure points with an ergonomic home office chair.

Remember these quick health tips for work-from-home employees as you navigate working and living in the same space. The best way to promote healthy living while working from home is to remain conscious of your daily choices.

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