How To Care for Your Child With COVID-19 at Home

How To Care for Your Child With COVID-19 at Home

With children eligible for vaccines now, the chance of them contracting the virus is less likely, but it is still a possibility. Prepare your family and learn how to care for your child with COVID-19 at home so they have a comfortable recovery process. Always remember to get COVID-19 testing for kids when symptoms appear or they start to feel ill.

Stay Calm and Wear Masks

First off, if you’re panicking, your child will likely see this and become scared themselves. Stay calm throughout their recovery process and comfort them as much as possible with their favorite movies, blankets, and books. Wear a mask when caring for your child or within six feet of them to help prevent the spread of the virus to other family members in the household.

Fever Reducing Medicine: Can You Use It?

If your child with COVID-19 is less than 12 weeks old, do not give them fever-reducing medication until you get approval from their doctor. Any child over 12 weeks can take fever reducers if their fever is above 102 degrees. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Motrin) work great, but ensure that you follow the package directions and their doctor’s instructions before giving the medication to your child.

Test the Whole Family

To be safe, it is best to test everyone in the family who came in contact with the child who has the virus. This will keep the spread of the illness to your household instead of spreading it to coworkers or your child’s classmates. To prevent your family from contracting the virus, give the child utensils and cups that are only for them, and do not allow anyone else to use them.

Drink Fluids, Use a Humidifier, and Disinfect

The best you can do throughout the recovery process is to keep your child as comfortable as possible. Make sure they’re drinking lots of fluids or they will get dehydrated. If they are coughing or have congestion, use a humidifier to help alleviate these symptoms—and don’t forget to disinfect areas of the home your child touched.

Be patient when caring for a child with COVID-19 at home; mild symptoms can last for as long as two weeks. Ensure you are practicing safety around them and comforting them as much as possible. If any symptoms get worse or their fever is high, call your doctor or visit a clinic to speak with someone about what to do next.

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