3 Ways To Create a Mentally Healthy Home

3 Ways To Create a Mentally Healthy Home

The environment where you live in plays a direct role in your mental health. Your home should be where you feel at your best and most healthy mentally, and creating that healthy space is possible by following a few guiding principles. Use these ways to create a mentally healthy home and make your abode into a place of pleasurable mental respite.

Use Relaxing Colors

Colors profoundly affect the mind, and various moods and behaviors are associated with different colors. Add art and other decorations to your home with relaxing colors like blue and green, which are thought to elicit feelings of contentment, relief, and calm. Remember that each person has colors that make them feel different; your color palette may differ from others, but it doesn’t make it any less effective.

Find a color scheme that adds some style and flair to the space to make it both aesthetically pleasing and relaxing. A soothing color palette will do wonders for helping you unwind after a busy day.

Let In More Light

Natural light is a great way to invigorate the spirit and boost serotonin levels. Allow more light into the home by keeping the curtains open during the day to let the light in. If you plan to renovate your house, consider adding extra windows and skylights to draw in even more of that mood-boosting sunlight.

The boost in serotonin and the ability to let in more fresh air are a couple of benefits of adding skylights to your home. Skylights allow you to let in more light, but with the added advantage of privacy, opening to the sky rather than to your neighbors!

Remove Clutter

Clutter quickly turns a space of well-being into one of disorder, and a messy, cluttered home may make you feel depressed or anxious. Clean up the space by purging and reorganizing for a better look.

The clean state of your home will help you feel more relaxed since everything is in its place. Make cleaning and organizing a habit, and you’ll reap the rewards of a serene space that’s structured and orderly, with the additional bonus of having created a mentally healthy home.

Your mental health is a priority, and your home should represent that. Use these methods to transform your house into a relaxing, happy, well-organized oasis.

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