What To Ask Your Doctor After a Mastectomy

What To Ask Your Doctor After a Mastectomy

Enduring breast surgery is one hurdle and having a seamless and stress-free recovery is another. After a mastectomy, you will most likely come across unexpected questions or concerns. In this blog, we’ll discuss what to ask your doctor after a mastectomy during your first post-surgical check-up.  

What Are My Reconstruction Options?

After you’ve successfully recovered from your mastectomy, you will have the option to undergo breast reconstruction surgery. Reconstruction surgery rebuilds the shape of the breast by either taking tissue from other areas of the body or using implants.

 This surgery is entirely optional to the preferences of patients. However, if you are interested or have questions about breast reconstruction surgery, it is best to ask about options during your post-surgical check-up.

How Do I Reduce My Chances of Lymphedema?

As you recover from your mastectomy, it is imperative to follow proper post-surgical care and protocol to prevent conditions such as lymphedema. Lymphedema is also known as lymphatic obstructions and involves excess fluid pooling in skin tissues and creating painful swelling.

After a mastectomy, patients may be diagnosed with lymphedema if there are severe issues with their drains post-operation. 

However, many post-surgical bras decrease the chances of lymphedema and improve draining naturally. Asking questions about the progress and condition of your fluids during your post-surgical appointment is imperative to ensure that your breasts as healing correctly. Also, consider asking your doctor how long to wear your compression bra for the best recovery results. If you experience any pain or swelling near your drains, consult your doctor about these issues immediately.  

How Can I Have a Successful Recovery?

If you are not sure what to ask your doctor after a mastectomy, consider asking how you can have the most successful recovery. Although you most likely have already spoken with your doctor about the factors of a successful mastectomy recovery, it is best to ask this question again at your post-surgical appointment.

Once your doctor can assess the rate and condition of your body’s healing process, they can offer more precise estimates in terms of when to begin small exercises and tasks to return to regular routines. Asking these questions can significantly speed up the recovery of your healing process and proactively prevent health issues.

Your post-surgical appointment with your doctor is a valuable time to check in and receive expert guidance on how to continue your recovery. Remember these critical questions as you consult with your doctor to help clarify any unexpected or surprising questions during your healing process.

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