Ways To Better Support Your Neck During Work

Ways To Better Support Your Neck During Work

The back of your neck is one of the most common areas of the body to experience discomfort throughout the workday. This is especially the case for those who work desk jobs and find themselves sitting in one position for several hours at a time. Neck pain is a leading cause of headaches and productivity problems on the clock. So it’s vital that you know how to best protect yourself from these symptoms. Here are some ways to better support your neck during work and reduce your risk of future health issues.

Maintain Good Posture

When you’re trying to look after your physical health at work, the most important thing to be aware of is your overall posture. How you hold yourself can influence the amount of strain you put on your body and protect you from current or future pain. So make sure that you’re aware of how you sit when at your work desk. Keep your back flush with the chair, your feet flat on the floor, and your shoulders straight. This will activate the muscles and keep strain at bay.

Use a Chair With a Headrest

It also helps to use an office chair with an attached headrest. Headrests are important for a series of reasons, including promoting proper posture and adding personalization to your workstation. Because of their ability to adjust, headrests can support the unique needs of your neck and protect it from pain. So if you’re looking for long-term changes in your health, this is a great investment.

Adjust Your Workstation Height

Another way to better support your neck during work is to place more things in your forward frame of vision. It’s common for individuals to crane their heads upward or downward to properly see their computer screen. This causes increased strain on the neck, which can produce comfort issues down the line. Moving your screen so that it’s in your direct line of sight allows you to keep your head upright and your neck relaxed. As a result, you experience less strain in this area and feel better throughout the day.

Incorporate Standing Into Your Day

Standing periodically as you go about your work can have a large impact on your neck health as well. Standing straight forces the neck upright, which stretches out the back, neck, and shoulder muscles. It’s also a great way to reset your body after sitting for long periods. Standing for 15 to 20 minutes every couple of hours works new muscles, gets your blood flowing, and decreases overall discomfort.

Finding better methods for protecting your neck at work can do wonders for your comfort and overall health. So don’t let another day go by without making the above conscious efforts. You might notice a difference faster than you’d think.

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