Ways To Avoid Winter Weight Gain in 2023

Ways To Avoid Winter Weight Gain in 2023

When winter weather forecasts start to predict snow and frigid temperatures, many people lock themselves indoors and spend most of their time huddled in blankets on their couches.

A common solution to staying active in winter is purchasing a gym membership. However, people often forget about their membership, which wastes money. Here are some alternative ways to avoid winter weight gain in 2023.

Don’t Let Your Bike Hibernate

With the right apparel and preparation, cycling can be a year-round activity. If you have an electric bicycle to help you pedal through the cold, you can really take advantage of the health benefits of riding electric bikes. However, even with a traditional bike, your workout can be just as beneficial.

Turning some of your car trips into bike trips helps you burn calories through the winter. Or you can just ride for fun! A little cold exposure can provide a refreshing, stimulating jolt, and any time spent outdoors does your mental health wonders. Layer properly, adjust your tire pressure to account for colder air, and get to cycling!

Avoid Alcohol Overconsumption

Alcohol gets your blood circulating, providing an internal heating method for cold winter days. However, alcohol slows your metabolism by forcing your body to prioritize breaking down alcohol ahead of other calories. Alcoholic beverages are also high in carbs, stockpiling an inventory of calories in your gut. Keep alcoholic treats to a minimum and choose healthier alternatives like organic hot apple ciders, tea, and water.

Maintain a Healthy Sleep Schedule

There’s not as much daylight to savor in the winter, so don’t let it go to waste. Avoid the urge to stay up late into the night and sleep in on a weekend morning. Not only does disrupting your sleep schedule adversely affect your metabolism, those late nights often lead to convenient food decisions, such as high-calorie midnight snacks.

Cook Healthy Meals at Home

It’s never been easier to open an app and have your favorite restaurant deliver food to your doorstep. However, a smarter decision is preparing healthy home-cooked meals in advance—your slow cooker or Instant Pot is great for this. This way, you can cut calories while saving cash. You could even hop on your bike to make the grocery store run!

Starting a new year with strong and healthy habits sets you up for success for the rest of the calendar season. Instead of spending money on a gym membership, implement these different ways to avoid winter weight gain in 2023.

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