Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself to Start Working Out

Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself to Start Working Out

The hardest part of starting a new workout routine is the beginning—especially if you’ve never exercised regularly before. Taking small steps toward your personal fitness goals can lead you to more challenging exercise routines and eventually, tougher goals.

Fitness goals aren’t the types of goals you can meet in a single day; these goals require hard work and diligence for several weeks, months, or even years. Start by taking the first step toward your fitness aspirations with simple ways to motivate yourself to start working out. You’ll feel healthier with every consecutive workout.

Begin With Simple Exercises

Doing a few pushups or jumping jacks may not seem like a lot, but the slow introduction to activity will warm you up to the idea of exercising. Previously unattainable or unimaginable workouts will slowly start to seem possible as you push yourself to do five more pushups than normal or walk an extra half mile.

Meeting stretch goals requires you to build up your endurance—if you’re starting from a sedentary lifestyle, your endurance is as low as it will ever be. Ten simple exercises a night is better than zero exercises ever.

Gear Yourself up

Workout equipment, clothes, and accessories serve as everyday reminders that you could be exercising. Don’t start out by buying yourself large workout equipment—you may overcommit or purchase a piece of equipment you don’t enjoy using. Start with smaller equipment, such as dumbbells or a workout mat.

A new exercise routine is a perfect reason to buy new workout clothes. Having workout-specific outfits will help you separate your previously normal routine from your new fitness routine. Consider most of your fitness accessories and clothing to be required equipment for your workouts, whether they’re inside or outdoors.

Go Outside for Your Regular Workout

Spring is one of the best seasons for a new exercise routine because of the weather. Moving your exercises outside to the fresh spring air is the most impactful of our simple ways to motivate yourself to start working out. Taking a walk on a bike trail is a workout, hiking through a nature preserve is a workout, and doing yoga or exercises in your backyard is definitely a workout.

No two outdoor workouts are the same, so you’ll entertain yourself while improving your endurance every day. Find new ways to incorporate the things you love into your workouts and you’ll fall in love with the journey as you get closer to your fitness goals.

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