What To Do When You Have Bad Knees

What To Do When You Have Bad Knees

Knees are some of the most important body parts—they help with mobility, which is why it can prove challenging when they start to hurt. Sadly, knees do eventually wear down and can cause a lot of problems. However, you can do certain things to can fix this. You just need to know what to do when you have bad knees.

Support Shoes

To start, you should buy good shoes that support your knees. These shoes can decrease the weight and pressure that your knees carry and shift it elsewhere. This can keep your knees healthy and give them the break they need.


Walking every day is a great way to prevent damage and strengthen your knees. You can aim for 6000 steps every day, but don’t push yourself, as it might cause more damage. A walking cane, among other things, can help you with walking on bad knees.


Several exercises can strengthen your knees and the surrounding muscles. Take it easy and work your way up. Starting with some basic yoga or low-impact aerobic exercises to strengthen your muscles is a great idea.


If the pain is too much or your knees suffer from inflammation, you can try to take some medicine. Pain medication can reduce some symptoms and help inflamed knees. Talk to a medical professional before switching to heavier medications.


When you suffer from severe pain in your knee, you can try this method to alleviate some of the issues. First, you should get some ice to apply to the area—any frozen pack will do. Then, you should compress the area with a compression bandage or something similar. This will help with blood flow and could reduce swelling. Lastly, you need to elevate the inflamed area, preferably above your chest, to increase blood flow.

Now that you know what to do when you have bad knees, you should adjust your schedule to incorporate some of these practices. Hopefully, you’ll see improvements to your knees over time.

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