Taking Precautions: 4 Key Safety Tips for Teenage Drivers

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Safe driving is imperative to survival—it’s simple. Or so it seems. For new drivers, there’s a lot to remember about proper practices and rules to follow to keep themselves and their passengers safe. If you have a teenager who’s in driver’s education or who has recently passed their license test, then take the time to go through some important safety tips for teenage drivers. There’s more to safe driving than knowing the rules of the road; explain these tips to your new drivers and keep them safe on the road.

Drive Safe Vehicles

If you want your teen to drive safely, then they have to drive a safe vehicle. Not everyone can afford to get the newest and the flashiest car, and that’s okay. Do what you can as a family to get a car that’s as new as possible for the budget, and one that checks the mark on all important safety features. If you wouldn’t want to drive it as the parent, then you definitely shouldn’t let your child get behind the wheel.

Emphasize Essentials

There are some essentials that you should solidify in your child’s mind—seatbelts, phones away, no drinking and driving, and whatever else you decide as a family. When you do your best to reiterate and explain the intention behind these rules, then the kids will be more likely to follow through. For example, if you just tell your teen that phones should be placed in the center console while driving, then they might want to disregard that essential tip. But when you pair that regulation with distracted driving statistics, and a reason as to why you’re asking this, then they’ll be more likely to follow through.

Limit the Number of Passengers

Probably one of the biggest distractions for drivers—besides their phone—is the number of passengers in the car. This tends to be an issue more so for teenage drivers, but most people, regardless of age, get distracted when there are numerous people in the car. Teenagers tend to get a bit louder and more rambunctious when they’re together, and this can lead to crashes. Try to emphasize that there should be a limit on the number of passengers in the car for a while until they feel more comfortable.

Know What to Do in an Emergency

This is something everyone should know, yet the chances are high that most people, especially new drivers, won’t really know what to do. One of the most important safety tips for teenage drivers has to deal with knowing what to do when the unexpected happens. For example, teenagers might know they’re supposed to pull over when they get a flat, but they might not know the other signs for when they need to pull the car over. They also need to know who to call first—both when they get in a crash or if they’re witness to a crash. Their first thought may be to call you, but they’ll need to call the police first. Reiterate proper steps so that they know what to do in case something unexpected happens.

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