5 Ways To Relieve Back Pain Naturally at Home

5 Ways To Relieve Back Pain Naturally at Home

Many things can cause back pain, including injuries and poor posture. Instead of medication, people often prefer to try natural remedies to alleviate and prevent pain. There are plenty of natural ways to alleviate back pain, such as stretching, using ergonomic furniture, and trying gentle exercises. Here are five ways to relieve back pain naturally at home.

Stretching and Yoga

Yoga not only relaxes the tension in your body but can also build strength over time. To keep your back healthy, consider stretching your muscles and using yoga to relieve pain and tension. A few stretches to help alleviate back pain are the “sphynx,” “cat-cow,” and “child’s pose.”

Ergonomic Furniture

Too often, people slouch in their chairs, couches, and other furniture while relaxing or working. This places pressure on your spine and can cause both back and neck pain. To prevent this, make sure you use ergonomic furniture in your office and living room. A recliner is a great choice for your living room since it is comfortable, ergonomic, and the reclining position relieves tension in your back. However, if you notice one of the seven signs that it’s time to upgrade your recliner, obtain a new one as soon as possible. An old recliner is uncomfortable, painful, and even dangerous, so it’s best to replace it immediately.

Gentle Exercises

Movement is an excellent way to relieve pain and tension. Slow, controlled movements can help ease pain without placing additional stress on your spine. A couple of exercises to consider are walking, half-crunches, wall-sits, and swimming.

Hot or Cold Compresses

Another one of the five ways to relieve back pain naturally at home is using hot or cold compresses. Cold compresses can help lessen soreness and aches, while warm compresses can relieve sharp or throbbing pains.

Sleep and Relaxation

Sometimes, it’s tempting to sleep curled up in a ball or flat on your stomach. However, if you have back pain after you sleep, it’s probably best to change your sleeping habits. Try sleeping flat on your back or your side with a straight spine. If you still feel uncomfortable, it’s probably time for a new mattress.

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