Which State Is Best for Visiting the Grand Canyon?

Which State Is Best for Visiting the Grand Canyon?

As an outdoor enthusiast with vast experience exploring the awe-inspiring Sierra, it’s natural to yearn for a change in scenery and challenge. Let’s depart from Eastern California and the Sierra Nevada Mountain range to explore the Grand Canyon and the four states that touch this natural wonder! Read on to determine which state is best for visiting the Grand Canyon.


While the mighty Colorado River is the force behind the creation of the Grand Canyon, carving its way through Arizona’s landscape millions of years ago, the state of Colorado doesn’t offer direct access to the canyon’s rims. This indirect access makes Colorado perhaps the least practical base for exploring the Grand Canyon. However, it offers its own range of splendid outdoor activities. Colorado is renowned for its majestic Rocky Mountains, providing exceptional opportunities for hiking, skiing, and mountain biking.


Utah, known for its breathtaking landscapes and rugged natural beauty, borders the Grand Canyon to the north. It presents a unique entry point to the less-visited North Rim, which is open seasonally from mid-May to mid-October. Though the North Rim is less accessible than its southern counterpart, it offers a more secluded and intimate canyon experience. While Utah doesn’t offer the same access to the Grand Canyon as Nevada or Arizona, you can still see plenty in the North Rim and beyond! Southern Utah is home to amazing off-road trails for Jeeping and stunning national parks for exploring.


Nevada, mostly known for its vibrant city life in Las Vegas, offers a surprising gateway to the Grand Canyon’s West Rim. The West Rim, managed by the Hualapai Indian Tribe, is famous for the Skywalk. This horseshoe-shaped glass bridge extends over the canyon, giving visitors a unique and thrilling perspective. This proximity to Las Vegas makes Nevada an enticing option for those looking to combine their nature explorations with some urban entertainment. While it doesn’t provide the extensive access seen in Arizona, Nevada’s unique attractions and the ease of combining a visit with a Las Vegas trip make it a strong contender.


Arizona is the premier state for experiencing the Grand Canyon in all its glory. Home to the Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona provides unparalleled access to both the South and North Rims, facilitating a comprehensive exploration of this natural marvel. The South Rim, open year-round, is the most accessible and popular, offering a wealth of viewpoints, educational programs, and hiking trails. For those seeking a more isolated and rugged experience, the North Rim—though less accessible—rewards visitors with its serene beauty and fewer crowds. Furthermore, Arizona’s extensive infrastructure, including various lodging options and guided tours, makes it ideal for visitors of all comfort levels and interests.

While each offers unique advantages and experiences, Arizona is the best state for visiting the Grand Canyon. Arizona provides the perfect backdrop for your exploration, whether you’re seeking thrilling hikes, breathtaking vistas, or educational journeys into the canyon’s geological history.

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