Top 4 Tips for Dealing With Nursing Mistakes

Top 4 Tips for Dealing With Nursing Mistakes

Nobody is perfect, and we all make mistakes. Yes, even super-talented physicians or nurses have made mistakes in their careers. While no one likes to make hiccups, we’re human. Remember that you have a team of medical professionals ready to help or answer any questions you may have. To help you work through these big feelings, here are four tips for coping with nursing mistakes.

Recognize That Mistakes Happen

Owning up to your mistake and realizing that you aren’t the first one to do so is key to coping with nursing errors. No matter what experience or expertise you or your coworkers may have, they’ve made a mistake before. Recognizing that you’re not alone can help you reflect and solve problems in the future. When you make a mistake, admit to it, report the error, and learn from this experience.

Turn the Mistake Into a Lesson

The best way to deal with nursing mistakes is by turning it into a lesson. Learning from your errors will help you prevent making them in the future. Be sure to follow the protocols and study any problem areas you may have. This way, you will master the skill and curb the chances of making a mistake in the future.

Always Ask Questions

Asking questions can help you and other medical professionals prevent workplace errors. You can perform your task better by asking for clarification about certain procedures, safety measures, or patient information. This can help other staff members feel more comfortable asking questions, boosting workplace efficiency and overall workplace satisfaction.

Don’t Hide How You Feel

If you’re feeling emotional, sad, disappointed, angry, or indifferent about your nursing mistake, allow yourself a few minutes of reflection and feeling. Talk to another nurse and ask for advice or tips on your error. This will enable normalcy in the workspace and an understanding that medical professionals aren’t superhuman. Allow yourself to feel your emotions—your mental health and wellness matters.

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