4 Common Types of Clothing That Can Cause Acne

4 Common Types of Clothing That Can Cause Acne

When most people get dressed in the morning, they usually don’t base their outfits off their skin care needs. In fact, most people don’t consider their skin while they’re getting dressed at all. However, clothing can have a massive effect on your skin’s health. Body acne, rashes, and irritation are all often results of wearing particular clothing materials. In this blog, we’ll help you avoid future breakouts by sharing four common types of clothing that can cause acne.  

Workout Clothes

Polyester and nylon are popular materials used in workout leggings, jackets, and shirts because these fabrics are sweatproof. However, whatever advantages you earn from wearing these water-resistant fabrics to the gym, you pay for with your skin’s health. These fabrics lack breathability, and they can also create irritation burns due to harsh friction.

Tight Clothing

Similar to workout clothes, tight clothing can also create acne due to its lack of breathability. Even when you wear fabrics with looser fibers such as cotton, wearing any materials tightly against your skin for too long will inevitably create blemishes.

One of the most common clothing items that can easily create body acne is a bra. Although bras should fit tightly enough to offer coverage and support, bras that fit too tightly can create rubbing and irritation, which leads to painful acne. The best way to eliminate body acne is to find bras and clothing that fit well without suffocating your skin’s pores.

Dirty Clothing

Not wearing dirty clothes might seem obvious, but many people don’t realize how much bacteria and sweat can accumulate in fabrics after only one use. When your clothing has spots of dirt and grime, these dirty oils can ultimately clog pores and produce pimples. It’s especially crucial to wash clothing items that cover parts of your body that naturally produce larger amounts of sweat, such as bras, underwear, and socks. You should never wear these items more than once between washes.

Since our bodies lose more water during the summertime through sweat, it’s also important to wash clothes more frequently during this season.

Fragrance-Infused Clothing

If you still can’t seem to determine what’s causing your body acne, there’s a chance it’s your laundry detergent. Some detergents use formulas with harsh fragrances that can negatively affect sensitive skin. If you notice you’ve developed breakouts right after putting on freshly washed clothing, consider switching to a gentler soap formula.

Clothing has a significant effect on your skin’s health. Review these four types of clothing that can cause your acne and consider how you can create daily outfits that keep your skin healthy and glowing.

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