4 Reasons to Schedule Your Online Therapy with Talkspace

There are many places to get help when facing drug addiction, divorce, and depression. Talkspace is one of the best online counselling therapy providers you can trust with your issues. 

With over 17 million battling depression, it is imperative to talk about Talkspace Review and why it is essential to seek online therapy when you can. In this article, we mention four reasons why you should schedule your online counselling with Talkspace today.

1. Constant access 

Unlike other online therapy providers, Talkspace is available all round the clock. They give you constant access to their services any time you need help. Once you sign up for Talkspace, you are assured of a timely response from a therapist or a psychiatrist. 

Talkspace makes collaboration simple between patients and their therapists on a single platform. You can maintain secure and encrypted communication with your therapists for better online treatment. 

Also, the app provides you 24/7 access to emotional support from licensed therapists. You can always message and communicate with your therapist right from the comfort of your home.

2. Cost-effective

Cost is one thing most people will consider when choosing in-person or online therapy. Seeking online therapy for your mental issues provides you with a way to escape the constant hurdles of insurance co-pay and getting qualified therapists to handle your problem. 

You may not need your insurance company to cover your medical fees when you resort to Talkspace because it is relatively affordable. 

Talkspace will only charge for 45-60 minutes per session, according to the traditional therapy sessions, and any added time beyond this may not reflect on your invoice. That means your therapist may decide to provide you extra time per session at no additional cost.

3. Confidentiality  

When it comes to seeking online therapy, most people fear for lack of confidentiality. With Talkspace, everything is put under lock and key. That means nobody except you and the therapist can access your communication on the platform. The communication is encrypted on the forum, and no third party can access it.

Additionally, when you first register with the platform, you can decide to use a pseudo name or nickname if you are comfortable. Although therapy is all about opening your heart and seeking help, it is advisable to have limits when providing information on an online therapy session. Online therapy platforms protect digital footprints and assure you maximum confidentiality. 

4. Customized to your needs 

Online therapy is the best you can get if you are looking for confidential and personalized treatment. To ensure therapy success, you have to match with the right therapist, someone you can open up to and find the right solutions to your problems. 

In most cases, the challenges you face as an individual will normally extend beyond your mental health. All the professional therapists registered with Talkspace have the experience to provide solutions spanning beyond mental health. 

Whether you have issues with your career, relationship, or lifestyle, you can be confident of finding help from online therapy. 

Final Thoughts 

Once you register with Talkspace and other online therapy providers, you can access a wide variety of therapists; find one that matches your needs. Most online therapists are trained to handle personal challenges. In most cases, they will choose a treatment solution that works better for you after researching extensively and consulting. 

If you are looking forward to saving some money on in-person therapy, you can always opt for online therapy from Talkspace. The app is readily available and HIPAA compliant. This means your personal information shared on the platform is safe and secure. 

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