Why Beef Jerky Is the Perfect Post-Workout Snack

Why Beef Jerky Is the Perfect Post-Workout Snack

If you’re a frequent gym-goer, finding the perfect snack to eat in between meals can be helpful. Luckily, there’s one such snack that’s tasty, convenient, and beneficial. These are the reasons why beef jerk is the perfect post-workout snack.

It’s Packed with Protein

After a strenuous workout, your body is craving nutrients that will help it recover. The most important of these nutrients is protein, a macronutrient that develops muscles and assists in recovery after a workout. When you look at the nutritional information of jerky, one of the first things you’ll notice is its protein percentage. Dedicated weightlifters love scarfing some jerky down after workouts because it’s protein packed and full of ingredients that react positively with your body. In fact, jerky has specific amino acids that your body cannot replicate on its own.

It’s Low in Fat and Calories

Any lean protein snack that’s low in calories is a win. Jerky perfectly fits these needs because an entire package usually has fewer than 200 calories. It’s also lower in fat. If you have a fat goal in your daily diet, you can make up the difference with other healthy fats such as those found in nuts.

Contains the Perfect Amount of Nutrients

One might prefer a protein shake after a heavy workout. However, a protein shake typically has too much protein. Most shakes have at least 30 grams of protein, whereas jerky has between 10 and 20. This is the perfect amount your body seeks, as an excess amount of protein may lead to weight gain.

Essential Minerals

Your body needs several minerals that may be a surprise to you. For example, zinc and iron are essential for your health, and jerky supplies plenty of those minerals. Furthermore, jerky won’t affect your insulin levels, meaning your body won’t store any unwanted fat.


What’s excellent about jerky is its convenience. It’s easy to pack, store, carry, and eat, making it the go-to on-the-go snack for many people. Sometimes it’s a lot easier to just open a bag of jerky for nourishment than make a meal. Plus, jerky’s various flavors offer plenty of choices for people looking for specific flavors and tastes.

These are the reasons why beef jerky is the perfect post-workout snack. So the next time you pack your gym bag, throw in some juicy, tender jerky to satisfy those taste buds and help your body recover.

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