Top Equipment for Scoliosis Exercises at Home

Top Equipment for Scoliosis Exercises at Home

A custom scoliosis exercise plan created by a therapist can help you stabilize your spine and increase your physical comfort. The right equipment in your home gym is key to doing exercises correctly and efficiently. Make sure you have the top equipment for scoliosis exercises at home.

Stall Bars

Among the most useful pieces of exercise equipment for scoliosis therapy is wooden stall bars. There are a lot of benefits of adding wooden stall bars to your home gym. Stall bars, also called Swedish bars, are necessary for completing Schroth exercises. Learn methods during your therapy sessions, then keep up your progress at home with stall bars in your gym.

Exercise Mat and Plastic Stools

Use an exercise mat to cushion you for floor exercises. Additionally, plastic stools can help you position yourself during exercises. For example, if you need to keep a leg up, having a lightweight stool can help you maintain form.

Beanbags and Wedges

Beanbags and wedges can help you rotate your spine, bringing you to a more balanced position. Once you’re more balanced, you can exercise muscles that are otherwise too shortened or elongated. Beanbags can also help you do Schroth method breathing exercises.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a versatile piece of scoliosis exercise equipment at home. Working out with resistance bands helps to improve your flexibility and strengthen your muscles. And the resistance can help you to stretch more productively and gain pain relief. Whether you attach the resistance band to your stall bar or use it around your body, this simple device yields great results.


Mirrors are a classic piece in home and commercial gyms. Make sure you’re keeping the right form by checking yourself in the mirror. The mirror will help you do your exercises safely and make the most of each move. Watching yourself in the mirror can also motivate you to do your best.

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