Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling in the Caribbean

Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling in the Caribbean

Are you taking a much-awaited trip to the beautiful and diverse Caribbean? Vacations are exciting and relaxing, but they can also take a toll on our health as we put it to the wayside in the name of “letting loose.” If you want to enjoy your vacation while maintaining your mental and physical well-being, follow these simple but effective tips for staying healthy while traveling in the Caribbean.

Wear Sunscreen

The soft, golden sun overhead may look innocuous, but it’s hell-bent on destroying your unsuspecting skin. UV radiation from the sun can leave you with sunburns and increase your risk of skin problems like wrinkles and even cancer in the future. You should apply an even layer of sunscreen all over your body before you leave your accommodation each day and reapply every two hours. Not just on sunny days, either—on overcast or rainy days, up to 80 percent of UVL can still penetrate through the clouds, meaning sunscreen is still essential.

Get Plenty of Rest

Vacations are exciting! There’s so much you want to do and see, yet so little time to do it. It’s OK to stay up a bit later than usual or pull a once-off all-nighter, but don’t push your body too hard. The average adult needs a minimum of seven hours of sleep per night to function. Getting too little sleep will negatively affect your mental abilities and emotional state, hampering your ability to enjoy your trip!

Eat Local Food

Another tip for staying healthy while traveling in the Caribbean is to eat nutritious, delicious local Caribbean food like callaloo and jerk salmon. When you’re on vacation, it’s tempting to throw caution to the wind and eat whatever, whenever you want. It’s perfectly fine to indulge—but indulge in foods that are both healthy and tasty rather than turning to junk snacks! The Caribbean is home to many nourishing dishes that feature fish, veggies, fruit, and brown carbs, so you have plenty of treats to choose from.

Stay Hydrated

The Caribbean is famous for its hot, tropical climate. This beachy, sunny weather may be good for your mood and for tanning, but it’s not so great if you want to stay hydrated. Always carry a bottle of water or another hydrating liquid like tea on you to combat the water-stealing heat. Sip small amounts regularly throughout the day.

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