Tips for Making a Small Home Gym Feel Larger

Tips for Making a Small Home Gym Feel Larger

A home gym can make exercising more convenient, enhancing your health and overall quality of life. But if your gym feels cramped, you’re less likely to use it or enjoy exercising there.

Make it easier to stick to a healthy routine and make the most of your space. Read these tips for making a small home gym feel larger.

1. Boost Energy With Lighting

Make the most of natural light if you enjoy using your gym during the daytime. Sunlight stimulates your brain to produce serotonin, a chemical that plays a role in many of your body’s functions and processes, including boosting your mood. Let the natural light stream in if your home gym has a window or skylight. You’ll feel better, and the room will look larger.

You can also light the room with lightbulbs that mimic sunlight. These lights can help increase your alertness while making the space more inviting. And while you don’t have to opt for this specific lighting, take the time to choose lighting that inspires your workout and makes the room look more expansive.

2. Use Mirrors and Reflective Materials

The next tip for making a small home gym feel larger is to use mirrors and reflective materials. Windows and lightbulbs are the lighting sources in your space, but mirrors and reflective materials bounce the light around. And mirrors are a common interior design trick that creates the illusion of the room stretching further out. On top of that, watching yourself work out is a great motivator and can help you keep exercising with the proper form.

One of the best reflective materials you can use on your home gym walls is diamond plate. The industrial look adds decorative flair to your home gym, and one of the benefits of using diamond plate sheets is that it’s easy to install. Whereas matte walls create a visually flat surface, you can use diamond plate to make the room seem larger.

3. Get Creative With Storage

With any small space, it’s essential to make the most of vertical space and smart storage. Keeping your items organized will help prevent clutter, so ensure you have a spot for each piece of equipment.

You can hang resistance bands from wall hooks to keep them accessible and out of the way. Wall-mounted shelves don’t extend as far into the room, and you can use them to hold smaller items. Cubby holes can hold kettlebells and weights. You can also opt to purchase gym equipment storage racks and carts to keep things together.

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