Tips for Controlling Your Indoor Allergies This Spring

Tips for Controlling Your Indoor Allergies This Spring

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies, especially ones that flare up during the spring season? As the weather becomes drier, dust and pollen can make their way into your home and become an issue indoors. Learn the best tips for controlling your indoor allergies this spring season.

Thoroughly Clean Your Home

Spring cleaning is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to completely clean out your home from allergens like dust, pollen, and debris. There are several ways to tackle this allergen problem. Make sure to start by dusting the shelves, cabinets, and other storage areas of your home that you might forget about. Dust around your home’s vents as well. If you have carpet in your home, we highly suggest getting it professionally cleaned. One of the major benefits of professional carpet cleaning services is that they can remove allergens and dirt than your standard vacuum cleaner more efficiently.

Replace Your Home Air Filter

Spring is the perfect time to replace your home’s indoor air filter due to the rising pollen levels. If your air filter is already full of dust and debris, it won’t be able to collect the influx of pollen and other allergens that end up in your home during this time of year. If your allergy symptoms are especially bad, you may even want to invest in a high-quality HEPA air filter to reduce the number of allergens in the air.

Avoid Letting Allergens Inside

Throughout the spring, keep track of outdoor pollen and other allergy counts. If the day shows particularly high pollen levels, avoid opening your windows on these days. While opening windows can improve ventilation in your home, it can also allow microscopic allergens to enter your home through this ventilation. If possible, utilize your air conditioning to promote good ventilation levels and cool off on the warmer spring days.

You should also avoid tracking in pollen and other allergens on your coats and shoes. Leave coats and shoes in their proper storage places after entering your home. Wearing shoes in the house can track new allergens onto your freshly cleaned carpet.

Don’t let yourself feel miserable from spring allergies both indoors and outdoors this season. Use these tips for controlling your indoor allergies this spring to prevent pollen and other allergen buildup in the first place.

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