The Secret Life of Your Teeth (Teeth Trauma and What You are Doing to Them at Night)

Dr. Mandy Kouroshnia has encountered many anxious patients and realized how this alone can prevent so many from receiving the dental care they so much need.

With Dr. Kouroshnia’s passion for helping her patients achieve their optimum oral health, she can say that the truth about teeth trauma:

  • The acceleration of teeth damage is being seen in stressed-out young professionals as early as their mid-20’s, the same kinds of tooth deterioration which is not normally seen in a person less than mid-50’s who does not have a stressful lifestyle. Therefore in the next 2 decades, there will be a need for more restorative and replacement dentistry sooner due to a lifestyle that lacks balance.
  • OSA: Obstructive Sleep Apnea – not getting enough oxygen during your resting state, there has been medical research that finds an association between OSA and grinding and clenching of teeth during the day
  • When you are clenching your teeth consistently and intensely, you grow bunions on your jaw bones, and u can feel it as bumps on your gums – extra bone is being formed that are not naturally necessary – it is being formed as a result of the excessive force being put on the teeth as a natural defense mechanism.  The scientific term is Tori or exostosis.

Dr. Mandy Kouroshnia has attended McMaster University in Hamilton Canada, majoring in Biochemistry. Completed her Doctor of Dental Surgery at the renowned Art Dugoni School of Dentistry in SanFrancisco in June of 2004. After a few years working as an associate in southern California and teaching at Loma Linda University in a restorative department, she opened her own practice in Fresno, California.

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