The Many Health Benefits of Playing Lacrosse

The Many Health Benefits of Playing Lacrosse

Lacrosse has taken the country by storm in the last decade, popping up on television and in NFL stadiums. Its newfound exposure and popularity might have piqued your interest or your child’s. Before playing, there’s much to learn about the game that has Native American origins that date back centuries, and understanding the many health benefits of playing lacrosse might be something you’re focused on.

Boosts Cardiovascular Health

Many people call lacrosse “the fastest game played on two feet” due to all the running that occurs. Because of the up and down nature of the sport, one of the greatest lacrosse health benefits is that it’s an excellent way to improve cardiovascular health. Lacrosse players can easily burn hundreds of calories in a game or practice, improve their stamina, and help the heart and lungs become stronger.

Builds Strength

Running isn’t the only component of lacrosse, as physical strength also plays a role. In addition to getting plenty of cardio exercise, weightlifting outside of practice is also essential for lacrosse players. Building up the upper and lower body not only creates a formidable opponent on the field, but it can also help prevent potential injuries.

Improves Handy-Eye Coordination

Lacrosse also requires a lot of skill when it comes to passing, catching, and shooting. Like hockey, the constant use of your hands can instantly improve coordination, leading you to have more control and quicker reflexes.

Takes Discipline

The many health benefits of lacrosse aren’t strictly tied to the physical side of things either. With various commitments such as games, practice multiple times a week, team workouts, film sessions, and more, lacrosse players quickly develop discipline.

Socialize With Others

Lacrosse, like other sports, also brings people together who unite over the common goal to win. This can have a profound impact on your life because you have to learn how to communicate with teammates on the field. Additionally, being part of a team leads to socializing with teammates off the field and forming new friendships, thus improving the quality of life.

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