The Best Fresh Flowers for People with Allergies

The Best Fresh Flowers for People with Allergies

The last thing someone with allergies might want in their home is a flower bouquet. It’s a shame, since indoor plants enhance the aesthetic of a room and even offer some surprising health benefits. Fortunately, there are options for people whose eyes water at the first sight of a petal.

Most people aren’t allergic to the flower itself; rather, their bodies are reacting to the pollen the flowers create. There are so many unique floral selections that have low or stationary pollen. Don’t let your sensitivities keep you from enjoying beautiful blooms—here are the best fresh flowers for people with allergies.


If you’re looking to add some color to your life, tulips are gorgeous floral options. Tulips have a low pollen count, which keeps most people from having allergic reactions to them. The best part is that they’re widely available, and you can usually find them any time of year.


Orchids are some of the best fresh flowers for people with allergies. Like tulips, these sophisticated plants have a low pollen count, so they’re unlikely to disturb people with pollen sensitivities. Orchids also have the added benefit of a long life, making them the perfect additions to any room in your home.


It might be surprising to learn that cacti are flowering plants. These succulents are low maintenance and scarce on pollen, so anyone can enjoy them in various spaces. Cacti also come in several sizes, shapes, and colors, so they’re easy to incorporate without causing an allergy flareup.


Good news: the symbol of love is allergy friendly. Roses do produce pollen, but it’s much too heavy to be airborne, so the risk for a reaction is relatively low. Roses look beautiful in any garden but also shine in bouquets and vases. Make your flowers last longer so that you can enjoy these hypoallergenic blossoms for a long time.

Everyone needs to stop and smell the flowers every now and again. Your allergies shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the finer things in life. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for a thoughtful gift, even people with sensitivities can enjoy the beautiful sights and smells that plants provide.

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