Sourcing Personal Protective Equipment During the COVID-19 Pandemic From An American Company You Can Trust

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As the coronavirus pandemic permeates the globe, it has become quite hard to trust one another. Even worse, the global pandemic has presented a chance for dishonest players in business and politics to take the stage. The virus has torn through almost all nations in the world; the United States is the most affected today. The current demand for Personal Protective Equipment has gone through the roof and companies that supply this equipment stand to gain the most. More and more players are getting involved to tap into the money-making venture. Distressingly, this makes it strenuous to get an honest supplier motivated to help the masses. 

Civilians need this equipment to prevent contracting the highly infectious virus. Doctors and nurses, too, are not to be forgotten. They need them to keep patients alive. Due to high demand, hospitals have become overwhelmed and some are running out of PPEs. That’s where Blue Flame Medical comes in. Blue Flame Medical, one of the largest networks of COVID-19 medical suppliers providing healthcare logistics in the United States, is helping save lives with its cost-effective, fast delivery system. 

Supplying Hard to Find Equipment

Blue Flame Medical boasts a highly efficient supply system that sees equipment delivered to every client directly and in the fastest time possible. With the government mandating or encouraging its citizens to stay indoors, going out is not as safe as it used to be before the epidemic broke out. Even just walking to the drug store to buy some face masks or hand sanitizer is a dangerous and sometimes impossible task. As a result, many have chosen to venture into making their own facemasks, but that can’t put up enough of a fight. We have to think about health care workers who need other necessary protective clothing to go with face masks and gloves.

Blue Flame Medical is not your average supply company. All their products go through quality assurance checks twice before they get to the client. Blue Flame Medical is also going a notch higher to ensure their clients don’t fall victim to companies that are out to take advantage of the bad situation.  They have partnered with Pro Football Hall of Famer Coach Mike Singletary in what has been called, “America’s Largest and Fastest PPE Supply Chain Partnership.”

Locking Out Bad Players

Blue Flame Medical realizes that there are price gougers, cons, and others trying to make a big buck from unsuspecting citizens. The United States government has shown effort in blacklisting companies that show dishonesty in their dealings. However, that is not enough to protect the people. Most citizens do not even know about such companies until they have become victims themselves. In a bid to alleviate the situation, Blue Flame Medical is creating awareness for its current and prospective customers to be able to know how to identify the cons in the market.

The company also has a strong campaign against unethical practices by manufacturing companies. To demonstrate, Blue Flame Medical is completely aware of where all their products are manufactured. That helps to safeguard that those manufacturing companies are not engaging in any human rights violations or environmental pollution while making these products. The price efficiency of Blue Flame Medical also comes in handy to discourage ridiculously high pricing of PPEs by other companies. Price gougers cannot resist trying to make huge profits for the insane demand. Demand for PPEs is not expected to fall as long as this virus is with us. Blue Flame Medical is making sure that no one should pay more than they should for these precious products.

“This is not merely a public health crisis – it is a crisis of resources. If every American had access to high-quality masks, testing kits, and the dozens of other medical supplies they need, we would have flattened the curve of infection already. This is where Blue Flame Medical comes in. Because of our partner relationships, we have the ability to quickly supply the high quality, lifesaving PPE to Americans across the nation. We vow to work tirelessly to ensure first responders, healthcare professionals, and clients receive the critical supplies they deserve,” Co-Founders of Blue Flame Medical.

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