Resolve to Do Pilates in 2020

Adrianne Yurgosky explains how the fitness routine can benefit all bodies

Adrianne Yurgosky is the owner of the Westside Pilates Studios in New York City.  Her approach to Pilates focuses heavily on health and wellness, starting with body awareness. Yurgosky believes that Pilates helps people to learn about their bodies and rebalance their muscles to prevent injury.  

“Want to make a change for the New Year? Focus on you in 2020! Pilates will make you feel good, meet new people and share a connection. We make it fun, keep you moving and everyone leaves in a better mood than when they come in,” said Yurgosky.

Aside from being a fantastic way to get in shape and build strength and flexibility, Pilates has several healing benefits. These include correcting posture, hip issues, joint issues, and tight muscles. Pilates can also increase circulation and release tight fascia.

People often do not notice small daily habits and activities that can lead to more severe injuries. For example, sitting in one hip instead of both, carrying a handbag on one shoulder, frequently standing on one side, sitting on a couch with the pelvis tucked, or sitting for hours at a time with rounded shoulders at a desk.

Yurgosky says, “Oftentimes, people will tell me they were injured getting a plate down from a cabinet or lifting a suitcase.” She adds, “Unless you have been in a physical accident, injuries don’t happen all of a sudden in your 50s or 60s. There are warning signs, but people do not pay attention to them, or they are simply not in tune with their bodies to understand the warning signs.”

Adrianne also encourages you to come to class with a friend in 2020 to share the experience and make it fun. “Everyone is nervous their first time at a Pilates class. They think they can’t do it or it will be too hard. But they can! The instructor will help guide you so that you feel that you can tackle the exercises,” said Yurgosky.

Westside Pilates works with many clients who are trying to find a solution to their pain, muscle spasms, and sciatica. Pilates will help to build a bridge between one’s mind and one’s body’s movement through foundations of breathing and coordination of controlled and fluid movements. The classes at Westside Pilates focus on strengthening and lengthening muscles for improved stability, balance, and flexibility.

Westside Pilates also offers acupuncture and massages for a full wellness experience. With one location in Manhattan and one in Long Island City, New Yorkers and visitors can find a tranquil studio that offers a variety of class options to suit everyone’s needs.

Adrianne Yurgosky

Adrianne Yurgosky is a certified Pilates instructor dedicated to inspiring people towards better health and wellness through Pilates. As a college athlete, a painful case of sciatica in combination with scoliosis caused her to turn to Pilates for healing. After witnessing firsthand the powerful effects Pilates had on her body and mind, she sought to share this form of fitness and healing with others.

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