Patient-Doctor Discretion With Nu Image Medical

Nu Image Medical starts home delivery for customers all across the country. The medical assistance facility has redefined patient–doctor discretion by offering home delivery services for customers who are in need of supplements or consultation services for problems that are considered taboo in most parts of the world.

Nu Image Medical is a wellness provider and has been working in this field since 2004. Their services include Telehealth and Telemedicine. Their motto is to provide people with quality medical supervision without them having to come to the physician’s clinic.

As per Andreas Dettlaff, the Chief Executive Officer of Nu Image Medical “People often suffer in silence so that they don’t feel humiliated going to the doctor to get hormonal injections, to help them: we have opened all our doors to connect using telecommunication”. Andreas further said that, “It is much easier to explain your issues to a physician over call rather than in person, you can easily get the help you need without any third party knowing.”

Nu Image Medical has come up with great technology that has allowed them to conduct their services solely through the internet. It allows you to easily enroll into any program needed and fill out the form for required supplements. According to sources, Nu Image Medical is also gearing up to provide food delivery for those following its HCG diet.    

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