How To Make Your Teen More Comfortable With Braces

How To Make Your Teen More Comfortable With Braces

If your smile is less than perfect, you may find yourself searching for solutions to fix it, which may involve a combination of wires and brackets. Braces, though helpful, are seen as an obstacle for most teenagers. Often seen as a cosmetic investment, dental health is a serious matter that can highly affect your teen’s quality of life. Taking care of your child’s smile is essential to reduce the risk of oral diseases, tooth loss, and other less considered issues, such as speech difficulties and self-esteem. Involving your child in the conversation is imperative. Here are our tips to make your teen more comfortable with braces. 

Prepare Them

Once an orthodontist has made the recommendation, there are different types of braces to consider depending on your specific situation. Sit down with your teen to discuss the pros and cons of each option. For the best results, be sure that they fully understand how to maintain their braces throughout treatment. Letting them know they are not alone and providing a safe space for them to share any insecurities they may have is sure to make your teen more comfortable with braces.

Teach Proper Hygiene

Regardless of the type of braces you choose, proper dental hygiene is imperative. Brushing looks very different for someone in traditional braces than those with Invisalign, for example. Ensure that you have the correct tools to keep your teeth healthy during your treatment and walk your teen through their new daily brushing routine.

Take a Selfie

Many dentist offices will show an expected outcome from their treatment, but nothing compares to watching your appearance change. Have your teen take a selfie before applying their braces and continue to take photos throughout the process. The outcome will be transformational! 

Whether your teen is looking to correct crowding, an overbite, or a gap, their self-confidence is the most significant difference you will see after completing treatment. Taking the time to prepare them for this experience beforehand is essential. 

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