How To Become A Medical Assistant In Indiana U.S.

The medical field has many different jobs, each with its education requirements. A medical assistant goes through a training process specific to the state or region in which they live. The steps for becoming a medical assistant vary based on employment and could be an associate’s degree at many colleges, certification through an agency, or could be learned by apprenticeship. It is possible to go straight into working as a medical assistant without any prior experience if one knows precisely where they want to work and will hire them upon completing the necessary classes or degrees. The schooling required could be finished part-time while still working full-time in the same job since most programs are only thirty credits long.

There are many places to work once trained, including doctor’s offices, hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies, ambulatory care facilities, etc. The average salary in Indiana was $31,240, with the lowest being under $21,000 and the highest at over $45,000. People who become medical assistants are seen working in private practices, most commonly with an average salary of around thirty-eight thousand dollars all across the board. Once graduated, one can work immediately as long as they have applied for their certifications if needed by their state or region.


There are three ways to become a medical assistant, each of which requires different levels of training. The first way is by taking an associate’s degree at many colleges.

This can be finished in two years with full-time attendance and costs about twenty thousand dollars for the entire school period.

A second way would be to take the certification track that takes six months or less if one already has experience working as a CMA (certified medical assistant). One must have had at least one year assisting another qualified person before receiving their certificate, but they may work without supervision after receiving it.

Finally, there are options to learn by apprenticeship where one works under another qualified individual who teaches them on the job over time until they are fully qualified to work on their own. This way of learning is usually only recommended for experienced people or retired individuals who have a large amount of experience in the medical field and can train someone to perform their job skillfully.


The training for becoming a medical assistant varies based on where one works and their education. Still, some requirements must be completed before one can begin any career in this field. First off, imagine having to pass two examinations before you could start working as a CMA (certified medical assistant). These exams include the national registry and the state/region-specific exam, which cost about $125 each and need to be renewed every year if one wishes to continue practising in the profession after receiving their certifications. After obtaining these certifications, one can start working as a CMA assistant immediately if the state needs them.

Education is available for those who wish to receive it through many different avenues, each of which has its requirements for becoming a medical assistant. Determining the best method of education comes down to knowing how much time you can commit and what kind of certification you want after completing your training program.

There are three types of programs that are all different in the amount of school time required, but most take about thirty credits or nine months to complete. The first type is an associate’s degree at some college campuses, where students spend two years taking general courses before specializing in their field of choice.

The second type is the certification track, which takes about six months to complete once one has found a program they like and can afford. This training usually comes through an apprenticeship where one works with under-qualified individuals to teach them how to perform their job at the highest level possible.

Finally, there are options for those who already have experience in this field or with another established medical professional who wishes to be trained on the job by someone else over time until they become fully qualified assistants themselves.


People who work as medical assistants can expect to make an average salary across all regions in Indiana. The lowest-paid professionals were those working in Terre Haute making $21,000 yearly, while the highest-paid worked in Indianapolis at a yearly salary of $33,000. The state averages were slightly lower, with an individual from that area making about $20,000 every year. In the end, though, it comes down to one’s experience and qualifications and location when determining how much money they can make while working in this profession.

Job outlook

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), during the next ten years, there is growth within all medical assistant jobs in Indiana, whether they are working in clinics or hospitals, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This is especially true for those who have already begun their careers since they will need more qualified people to replace them when they retire or leave their current line of work. The best way for anyone interested in this field to get ahead is to remain current on new practices entering the profession and begin working with research groups or in education for an experience that can be transferred back into their workplace.

Another excellent way for people looking into becoming medical assistants is to learn about them while still in high school since the career itself is growing at a rate of 25% during the next ten years! This means that there will always be an opportunity open somewhere within any given region in Indiana. The market may fluctuate slightly by location, but it’s guaranteed that there will be job openings available every year if one remains certified and works hard enough. Even some schools have started offering students internships with local doctors to improve their future job prospects and begin to build a strong resume that will help them obtain future jobs within this field.

As with many other jobs, those who have been working in the medical assistant field for a long time have the opportunity to move up into higher positions such as becoming a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), which can pay even more if they work overtime or extra shifts. This is an excellent way to increase one’s earnings and move up within their organization over time without going back to school and learning an entirely new subject matter.

There are several areas throughout Indiana where CMA salaries average between $25,000 – $30,000 yearly, which usually includes fringe benefits such as paid vacations and holidays and retirement plans.

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