Gear You Should Pack for a Brief Hiking Trip

Gear You Should Pack for a Brief Hiking Trip

Along your RV travels, there will be plenty of opportunities for day-long adventures in unique environments and destinations. Most people embarking on a long road trip prepare for moments to connect with nature quickly.

When that moment arrives, some people are unsure of what equipment and items are most advantageous for their journey. In truth, it’s almost easier to plan a longer camping trip over a fast excursion. For your convenience, here is a list of gear you should pack for a brief hiking trip.

First Aid Kit

No matter the length of your hike, you must always have a first aid kit ready and available. Luckily, for a brief walk, you don’t need to lug around an emergency shelter (unless the location is remote).

Instead, bring along a simple kit with all the basic items, like band-aids, gauze, antiseptics, pain killers, small scissors, and tape. Make sure you and everyone in your party are familiar with all these items before setting off your hike.

Comfortable, Functional Clothing

When venturing out into nature, you want clothing that toes the line between comfortable and functional. Since you’ll be spending many hours walking, you won’t want wardrobe items that limit your range of motion or cause irritations.

Additionally, you need gear that keeps you protected from the environment and the elements. Quality outerwear matters a great deal for those reasons alone, so invest in nice clothing that supports your spontaneous hikes.

Protein and Water

Since this brief hike isn’t a camping trip, you won’t need a huge inventory of food. Packing less makes the activity far more enjoyable and efficient. Instead, focus on packing high-protein snacks and plenty of water.

The richer your food is in proteins, the more it will fill you up and keep your energy high. As for your water, try and bring as much as you think you’ll need, as it can be quite heavy to carry. For hotter days, always pack more water!

Understanding the gear you should pack for a brief hiking trip will ensure your excursion is enjoyable and safe for the whole family. Remember to see all the sites along the way as you travel and never pass up those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities!

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