Essential Accessories for Your Oxygen Concentrator

Essential Accessories for Your Oxygen Concentrator

The type of oxygen concentrator you purchase is all up to your lifestyle—if you’re more active or like to travel, a portable oxygen concentrator is for you. People who need higher oxygen flow rates should instead use a stationary oxygen concentrator. No matter which option you choose, there are a few essential accessories for your oxygen concentrator you should know about.

Carrying Equipment

Portable oxygen concentrators are, of course, portable, but they require a carrying case for easy transportation. If your model doesn’t come with a carrying case, consider buying one to allow for the greatest portability. Stationary oxygen concentrators should come with a cart, but you may want to think about purchasing an upgrade if transporting it feels difficult.

Humidifier Bottle

No one wants to deal with a dry nose and mouth while on oxygen. You can equip many concentrators with a humidifier bottle to keep your nasal passages from getting irritated. This is an effective way to prevent nosebleeds and other uncomfortable sensations that can come with oxygen therapy.

Nasal Cannulas

Over time, you’ll want to replace your nasal cannulas (usually about once a month). It’s a good idea to keep a few extra nasal cannulas on hand, so you avoid the hassle of buying them at the last minute. The same goes for your tubing, although you can change that a little less frequently—every two to six months.

Extra Batteries

Portable oxygen concentrators come with rechargeable batteries, but long car trips or plane flights may make it difficult to charge the batteries regularly. Thankfully, you can solve this problem by buying an extra battery or two. That way, you can charge up a few before your trip and switch out as often as you need to. Traveling with an oxygen concentrator isn’t impossible; you just need to plan a bit!

With these essential accessories for your oxygen concentrator, you’re equipped to handle just about any situation that comes up!

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