Common Types of Tires People Use for Cycling

Common Types of Tires People Use for Cycling

Hopping on a bicycle and going for a ride is easy and fun. You can do all sorts of activities on and off the road. But no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going, you’ll want to ensure you have the right tires. Depending on your needs, the width and tread can offer improved speeds or traction. These are the most common types of tires people use for cycling.


This most common type of bicycle tire offers well-rounded attributes that do well in various situations. Commuter tires are best for casual riders or people not planning on doing specialized activities. If you’re riding your bike to work or on short leisurely trips, then commuter tires are probably for you.

Essentially, these tires are a default option if you aren’t sure what else to get. They’re designed to be comfortable in short-distance situations. However, you’ll probably want something more durable if you plan on going for a long-distance ride.


Trail or mountain bike tires are specifically designed for riding on different types of rugged terrain. If you’re going off-roading or need to commute through rural areas, you may want to consider getting a reliable set of mountain bike tires.

These tires give you more traction, making pedaling through uneven, bumpy, or muddy landscapes easier. You might also consider using tubeless tires for your bike if you’re concerned about blowouts or want to get rid of excess weight.


If you prefer to go fast, you should get streamlined tires that limit drag. Racing tires have a narrow design to decrease air resistance, making them capable of higher speeds. They also make accelerating easier since they have a lower center of mass.

The problem with racing tires is that they’re less puncture resistant. You’ll also be able to feel every bump since they absorb less shock from the road. If you plan on using a set on your bike, make sure you’re riding in an area free of debris.

Choose the Tires that Fit Your Riding Style

Commuter, trail, and racing tires are the common types of tires people use for cycling. Learning the ins and outs of each design will ensure your set gets you to your destination safely. Ultimately, the right tire for you depends entirely on your interests, and we hope this article helped you decide!

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