Common Causes of Tendinitis and How To Avoid Them

Common Causes of Tendinitis and How To Avoid Them

Tendinitis is an unfortunately common and painful condition where the tendons in the body become inflamed. Tendons connect the muscles to the bones in our bodies, so it’s important to take good care of them and treat inflammation as soon as possible. Knowing the common causes and how to avoid them can help treat tendinitis. Keep reading to learn more about tendinitis and its causes.

Physical Activity

Physical activities, especially exercise, can cause tendinitis in some people. Suddenly increasing the difficulty of your workout or returning to an intense workout routine too soon after an injury can cause tendinitis. You can also develop tendinitis if you don’t spend enough time warming up your body for a specific exercise or you spend too long on hard surfaces or using old equipment. If you’re experiencing pain after a workout, always check with a medical professional to see if you have tendinitis or another injury.

Repetitive Motion

Most workouts require repetitive motion, but exercise isn’t the only circumstance that may cause tendinitis. Sometimes, the field we work in, such as hairdressing or landscaping, can require repetitive motion with poor posture and may cause tendinitis. Even if the work isn’t strenuous initially, the repetition can stress your tendons and cause pain. Inform your employer if you start experiencing pain from workplace motions so you can see the correct medical professional for treatment.

Avoiding These Causes

Exercise and work are essential to living a healthy, balanced life. We can’t avoid them completely to prevent tendinitis. We can, however, change how we exercise and work in order to avoid increasing the risk of pain.

Before your workout, stretch well and make sure you’re using good equipment. Plan how much time you’ll need to spend on hard surfaces, such as gymnasium floors, and minimize it if possible. Practice certain parts of your exercise routine and consult a professional if you need help doing them correctly. It’s best to pace yourself in your routine so you don’t overexert your body.

You can also stretch before working, especially if you do manual labor. Try to use special tools, such as ergonomic hair shears or gardening tools, to lessen the pain of repetitive movements. Take breaks, drink water, and do breathing exercises to keep your body functioning at its best while working.

The most common cause of tendinitis is repetitive motion during exercise or work. Avoiding these causes is difficult but possible as long as you take care of your body when you exercise and work. If pain persists even when you try to avoid it, consult a medical professional who can help get your body back into working shape.

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