Best Foods That Help With Muscle Cramps During Sports Events 

Best Foods That Help With Muscle Cramps During Sports Events

Nothing can come up and bite an athlete quite like a cramp. Warmer weather in the summer can increase muscle cramps because your body is craving more nutrients to refuel itself. One way to control this problem is to eat the best food that helps with muscle cramps during sports events. 


Most muscle cramps occur because of dehydration. While one’s natural tendency is to opt for something to drink, many food options are available that offer more flavor and hydration than downing a bottle of water. Many prefer watermelon for most summer gatherings because of its crispness and sweet taste, but it will also keep you loose. 

Watermelon’s water content is over 90%, far superior to any other fruit. Watermelon also has potassium and magnesium, contributing to healthy muscle functionality. 

Greek Yogurt 

The Greeks did many things right regarding food, especially when we’re talking about gyros. However, their biggest commercial success in grocery stores worldwide is their yogurt. 

Greek yogurt is chock-full of essential vitamins and nutrients to help prevent muscle tightness. Greek yogurt’s primary selling point is how much calcium it contains. Problems like an irregular heartbeat or cramping might follow when someone’s blood calcium level is low. 

Another vital nutrient that Greek yogurt has plenty of is protein. Since protein is prominent, Greek yogurt is a popular choice for breakfast to fend off hunger until it’s time for lunch. 

Pickle Juice 

Athletes are willing to try unconventional methods if they will improve their performance. One such approach will have you enjoying the one-of-a-kind taste of pickles. No, people aren’t gnawing on a monster pickle as they sit on the sidelines. It’s more so about the juice. 

You may get weird looks when you’re warming up on the pickleball court if you’re guzzling pickle juice. Meanwhile, you’ll be the last one laughing because you’ll feel good throughout the contest, taking home a victory thanks to your fermented friend. 


Avocados have taken the culinary world by storm, considering you can find them in dishes from breakfast to dinner. Aside from being delicious and adding flavor to an ordinary meal, avocados are rich in nutrients, and their creamy texture and incomparable flavor may help alleviate cramps. Muscle contraction, among other vital bodily processes, depends on electrolytes that you can find in avocados. 

Bone Broth 

Making bone broth entails boiling animal bones for an extended period to extract gelatin and other nutrients. If you’re not keen on drinking a bland broth, you can add flavor with certain herbs and spices that also help your wellness. 

Several potential benefits of bone broth exist for easing muscular cramps. Since it’s a liquid, consuming it might help you maintain enough hydration, which may alleviate muscle cramps. 

Bone broth also contains magnesium, calcium, and salt, all of which may help reduce the occurrence of cramps. 

Adding these best foods that help with muscle cramps during sports events to your diet can elevate your efforts to the next level, turning you into a premier athlete that can go the distance. Plus, you get to eat some yummy food, sans the pickle juice. 

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