Best Food and Drink for Your Post-Workout Routine

Best Food and Drink for Your Post-Workout Routine

After an exhaustive workout, your body goes into recovery mode. Your muscles experience soreness, and your blood vessels revert to their regular sizes. For roughly 30 minutes after intense exercise, your body is susceptible to what you put into it. So here are some of the best food and drinks for your post-workout routine to ensure additional benefits for your body.

Scrambled Eggs

A breakfast classic turns out to be one of the best things for your body, and you can make it all with a single pan. Cracking open a single egg and cooking it with vegetables and sweet potato gives your body essential proteins and carbohydrates to aid muscle recovery and restore helpful glycerin. Consider adding some black pepper and paprika for seasoning to give it an extra kick.

Brown Rice and Chicken Breast

If your workout typically ends around lunchtime, a proper meal may be best for you. Brown rice and chicken are among the best foods for your post-workout routine. The high fiber and protein keep your body regular, and brown rice comes with extra carbs to keep you feeling full longer. A plate of brown rice and chicken served with low-sodium spices and topped with salsa makes for a healthy and beneficial post-workout meal.

Turkey Wraps

Turkey, or other lean meats, work wonderfully for a simple single-handed snack. Using whole-grain, high-fiber wraps filled with turkey, greens, and beneficial fats, like avocado, is an easy option to rejuvenate your body.


Smoothies are the way to go if you want something quick, easy, and stuffed with all the nutrients you need in one package. You can make these tasty drinks with any number of greens or vegetables formulated for your workout plan. Also, including a spoonful of protein powder in your mix adds extra benefits to your post-workout smoothie.

Nut Butter

The old childhood classic peanut butter is a high-protein and helpful fat snack to cool you down after a workout. A spoonful of peanut or almond butter with a banana is the way to go. However, if you want to make a sandwich, consider using whole grain bread and a slight drizzle of honey rather than the sugary jelly options.

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