I know that sometimes you can forget your lip balm, your Vaseline, your  lip glosses. Obviously when it’s cold the air tends to dry out your lips and then our natural  instinctwould be to lick your lips. 

Now licking your lips actually makes your lips drier and the  enzymes in our saliva is used to break down food, that’s what it’s going for, now those particular  enzymes within our saliva actually irritate our lips hence why when you start licking your  lips your lips tend to get irritated and you wanna lick them even more.

Tip number one: do  not lick your lips. Even if you are tempted to, licking your lips could actually cause your  lipsto become cracky, dry, and irritated.  

The second tip would be to use a lip balm that  hasointment in it and basically ointment is used to contain moisture, so when you’re looking for  a lip balm make sure you look for a lip balm that has sort of petroleum in it, glycerine because  these are all well-known ingredients to help retain moisture in your lips and obviously  when it’s colder then you’re gonna need as much moisture as you can get to avoid point number one  which is licking your lips all the time. 

The third tip would be to avoid rubbing, peeling, scrubbing  your lips when they are flaking. Now everybody’s lips flake especially when it’s winter, they can  get crackly andyou know that that nice juicy skin that you can just peel off. When you have  dry skin on your lips do not rub, do not brush, do not pick! This can actually create sores in  yourlips and can cause your lips to become really irritant so when your lips are feeling like that,  put moisture on them, put Vaseline, put whatever lip balm or product you have that will help  moisture your lips, use that rather than using your teeth, your hands to pick off the dead skin  that’s lingering or hanging off your lips. 

You can actually cause an infection in your lips and this  isalso a common reason to why people get a lot of cold sores so if you have sort of open wounds on  your lips due to picking then it’s a high chance that this will then tun into a cold sore and cold  sores are not easy and they’re not pleasant to look at so if you don’t want to have a cold sore,  avoid picking at your lips. 

Make sure you apply a lip balm or a lip masks with health benefits before you go to bed a lot  of people and sleep and don’t know that they sleep with their mouths wide open and obviously when  you’re breathing in and out it can cause your lips to dry so I would highly recommend that you  use a lip bam or a lip sleeping mask of some sort to help with retaining the moisture in your  lips when you are sleeping now the one that I like to use is this one and this one is from  lineage I don’t know if I’m pronouncing it right but it’s the lip sleeping mask and it’s in  the berry flavour, now I’ve had mine for a while now and I love it I actually use it in the  daytime as well but when I use it at night and I wake up my lips just feel really moist and then  they are okay throughout the rest of the day. 

So before you go to bed make sure you put some sort  of moisture, some sort of balm or sleeping mask on your lips so that they don’t get dry when you  are snoring away, dreaming about… becoming rich.

Last… I was gonna say last but not least but  that’s a lie. So the last tip would be to use a sunscreen, even during winter, the sunrays  can discolour your lips. I have quite a bit of discolouration on my lips, I have sort of  a dark region and I have a really light region and that’s because I was not using sunscreen on  my lips so make sure whatever products you have in terms of lip-wise they have some sort of  SPF. 

Now I’m yet to find a product that has SPF or I’m yet to use a lip product that has SPF.  So when I am using SPF on my face, I usually just lightly go over my lips but as you know, we use  our mouth to eat, to talk, to drink so the SPF can quickly run out so you really want to make  sure that you use a lip balm that has SPF in it.

To avoid that from happening because obviously  youapply lip balm quite frequently which means whenever you apply lip balm, your lips  will also be protected from the sun rays.  

There you go! I’m gonna find some lip products  that have SPF in them and then I’m gonna include them in my description box. I’m also gonna be  purchasing some myself. This is my little tray of things that I like to use on my lips so I have  Vaseline here, now people say that Vaseline isn’t actually good because it just sits on your lips,  it doesn’t actually give you any type of moisture Vaseline is a good barrier  for a lot of things. 

When you put it on your lips it creates a barrier which means all the  air, all the pollution cannot get in when using Vaseline so that’s why I like to use it. 

And  then apart from Vaseline I love using the La Roche Posay like I mentioned I buy loads of this  throughout the winter months and I just keep them in different places so that I’m never caught  slipping. 

The last thing I use is the lineage special care lips sleeping mask in the  berry, I bought this from a few years ago and I love using it, I use it in the daytime when  I’m at home and before I go to bed and I find that when I wake up my lips are just extra moist.

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