5 Tips for Prioritizing Self-Care During the Holidays

During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s all too easy to let self-care slip off your radar. However, it’s important for your health that you prioritize your well-being, so you can enjoy the season with family and friends. If you burn yourself out with all the cooking, shopping, traveling and hosting, you’ll not only feel a lot less joyful, but you also won’t have much left to give during this season of giving.

Follow these simple tips to be sure you are carving out time for self-care this holiday season.

1. Take a break from social media

There’s no need to compare your holiday festivities to others on social media — everyone has different traditions and ways of celebrating. Take the time to unplug from electronic devices and be fully present with your loved ones. Choose special times, especially as you gather for meals, for everyone to shut off their gadgets and just enjoy being together.

2. Set aside 10 minutes a day for self-care

Whether you decide to conduct an internal check-in, write down your thoughts in a journal or simply close your eyes and relax for a few minutes, taking at least 10 minutes for yourself each day is one essential step to keeping yourself calm, cool and collected during the hectic holidays. Experiment to find what relaxes or calms you the most, whether that’s meditation, gentle stretching or sipping herbal tea.

3. Stay cozy and pain-free with heat therapy

Don’t forget to take care of your physical well-being in between rushing around and doing things for others. For any aches and pains, try the Sunbeam Heated Back Wrap for targeted heat therapy. Heat not only feels great during the chilly winter months, but it can relieve pain and relax stiff muscles while accelerating tissue healing. This super-soft micromink heating pad has a unique contoured design to match the shape of your back and an adjustable waist strap for comfortable, hands-free use. It offers soothing high-level heat therapy with 4 heat settings and a 2-hour auto-off feature for added peace of mind.

4. Make getting a good night’s sleep a top priority

Everything’s better when you get enough sleep — your mood, your concentration and your overall health. Try not to overbook yourself, so you can maintain a regular sleep schedule even during the busiest times of the year. Getting to sleep just a half an hour earlier each night can make a difference. Avoid things that you know keep you tense and awake in the evening, like caffeinated beverages or too much screen time.

5. Be thoughtful when crafting New Year’s resolutions

Take the time to think about your own personal goals for the new year, focusing on self-improvement and self-care rather than self-deprivation. Make sure that your resolutions include giving yourself a reward, like a vacation, a mini-break or a special outing that you’ve earned.

No matter what time of year it is, taking care of yourself is never a waste of time or effort. The more you can relax and recharge, the more you will enjoy each day — and the more you’ll have to give to others. Focusing on a few positive changes during your day can make a huge difference when it comes to your physical well-being.

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