5 Tips for Laying Out Classrooms During COVID-19

5 Tips for Laying Out Classrooms During COVID-19

Some schools across the country are bringing students back to the classroom as COVID-19 vaccinations continue to reach more people in the United States. Getting an education is incredibly important, but so is receiving it in a safe environment for everyone. If you are looking for some guidance, here are some tips for laying out classrooms during COVID-19.

Reduce Capacity

The first move toward creating a safe classroom environment during COVID-19 is reducing the capacities of classes, if possible. While this might not be an option for some, having fewer people in a space will allow for more flexibility with spacing out desks and other pieces of furniture so that students can practice social distancing with six feet between desks.

Remove Unnecessary Furniture

You might not be working with the biggest classroom, but one way to give your room more space is to get rid of any unnecessary furniture. Remove bookshelves, storage containers, and more to make way for a safer environment. Boil a classroom down to its basic needs, and you can make it friendly for the new normal.

Add a Cleaning Station

Cleanliness should remain a top priority, which is why you should make it easy for everyone. Make sure those in your classroom have easy access to a handwashing station or hand sanitizer. No-touch paper towel dispensers and trash cans that feature foot pedals are also essential tools for practicing safe hygiene.

Use Tape and Signs

Providing direction to students, no matter how young or old they are, can also help a ton. And what’s the best way to do that? Use signs and tape on the walls and floor to illustrate to students how much space six feet is and provide a reminder to follow important guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as wearing a mask.

Open Doors and Windows

Being outdoors is much safer than being inside of a building. If you can’t get your class outside for the day, the next best tip for laying out a classroom during COVID-19 is to introduce some airflow into the room with open doors and windows when the weather is nice. In addition to increasing ventilation, you’ll get to enjoy the many benefits of fresh air on a nice day.

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