5 Natural Remedies To Help Your Sore Throat

5 Natural Remedies To Help Your Sore Throat

The seasons bring different challenges for us, including difficulties with specific ailments. Allergies, the flu, or food are all possible triggers of a sore throat that irritates you when you speak or swallow. Various methods may help the scratchiness of the throat so that you can breathe and eat with less struggle.

Honey and Warm Water

This combination of natural ingredients will moisturize any dryness in the throat while soothing any irritated raw areas. Honey sticks to most surfaces, so as you drink the mixture, it will coat the walls of the throat down the esophagus. As it sticks to your throat, you will have a wall of protection from any mucus that you may swallow, reduce inflammation, and clear out bacteria that may cause an infection.

Warm Salt Water Gargle

Gargling warm salt water breaks up mucus in the throat that you swallow due to drainage. The salt will absorb the moist mucus and make your throat easier to heal while it’s clear. If you want it to have a more efficient effect, use this natural remedy in the morning to help your sore throat throughout the rest of the day.


Peppermint is an excellent remedy for healing a sore throat. Menthol is one of the primary chemicals in peppermint. It helps thin any mucus that sits in the throat and acts as an anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling. Using peppermint sprays or oils on your throat or in your drinks will help speed up the recovery of your throat.


The soothing benefits of chamomile will help your sore throat with its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and lubrication effects. A nice, warm cup of chamomile tea is excellent when you’re struggling with seasonal allergies. The warmth of the tea will clear up the mucus blocking your nasal passages, and the chamomile will soothe the scratchiness of the throat.

Hourly Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has acidic properties that help break down solidified materials, such as the mucus in your throat. Sometimes the mucus that drains down your throat will harden, especially in dry conditions, and you will need something that’s edible and has a strong acidic property. Taking an hourly dose of apple cider vinegar will clear your throat and help you feel and sound better.

A sore throat is an annoyance throughout your daily life, and you shouldn’t have to suffer the feeling of pain it brings. These natural remedies will clear up the soreness and help you function as you usually would.

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